Exhibits to Meet Every Need of Your Institution

Ultimate VR Experience

UVRE is a 3 DOF VR Motion Bench with 4 seats per bench. The UVRE takes you into a new dimension and is so immersive you are convinced you are there! This technology is at the cutting edge and will generate revenue for years to come because of is versatility.

The Galaxy & Predator Simulators

Galaxy and Predator Simulators are 3/6 DOF Motion Simulators with 7 to 15 seats. They’re one of the most reliable revenue generators on the market. They provide an experience of a lifetime for your guests. Our 6 DOF systems are the same type of systems in which jet pilots train. You will take your guests to the edge… very close to the edge!

5D Motion Theaters

Immerse your guests in 5d motion theaters. From 4 seats, to as many as you dream of, we design, build, install and manage these revenue generating venues for you. Thrill your patrons and increase your revenue by adding a motion theater to your institution.

G-Force by Max Flight

G-Force by Max Flight is a 360 degree, you-control full-motion, 360 degree pitch, roll and spin technology. Now, a virtually unlimited number of the units can be networked together for combat in WWII dog fighting, adrenaline-filled aerial races, or stunt flying! Not Enough? Do a roller coaster or drive in a submarine!

Theater Systems

We can provide the systems you need to operate your large theater. Projectors, sound, and we can add special effects, holograms, and so much more, will make your large theater come alive.

Custom Exhibit Design

We design, build and install the exhibit you want. We can provide creative approaches to make your exhibit come alive with holograms, video boards, interactive video boards and effect, and so much more. All you have to do is dream, and dream big!

Custom Film Design

By working with our clients and learning their stories, we are becoming the best company to create, develop and produce films. Look around and see, our awards prove we beat the competition. We aim to create a film that our clients are proud of, and their guests are not only entertained, but learn!

What our Viewers are Saying

The simulator ride was very memorable... it was the favorite part of my day at
the USS Midway.

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