How much will it cost to have the VRT Exhibit installed?

The complete VRT Exhibit is typically provided and operated turnkey for the institution with zero financial commitment or investment.

What is the admission price for patrons who wish to participate in the VRT experience?

The price is typically $5 – $9 for a 5 minute VRT experience. The exact price is determined by mutual consent between the institution and Flight Avionics. The admission price can be made flexible for special groups and after hours events.

What is the theme of the film experience?

There are several experiences ranging from flight, space, wild safari, underwater and roller coasters. Flight Avionics can personalize your experience. The experiences can be changed instantly at the controls of the exhibit.

What is the institution obligated to do?

There is no obligation on the part of the institution. Simply point to an area within your institution with concrete and electrical access and we handle the entire project from there including engineering and design, manufacturing, installation, operations, maintenance, and project capitalization.

Who is Flight Avionics?

Flight Avionics is a pioneer of the Virtual Reality Theater industry. One of our founders built the first hydraulically powered Virtual Reality Theater in 1980. Flight Avionics has a reputation of honest, fair dealing and providing the highest quality and highest performance equipment in the industry. We are continuously at the forefront of innovation and performance improvements in Virtual Reality Theaters.

What is the order of events for having a Flight Avionics VRT Exhibit installed at my institution?

Institution Interest: If you and/or other decision makers at your institution are interested in seriously exploring this opportunity further, then a simple phone call or letter to communicate your interest will lead to the next step.

Visit to the Institution: Upon notification of your institution’s interest in our proposal, we will schedule an officer of Flight Avionics of North America, Inc. to visit your institution site. During the visit, the Flight Avionics representative will be available to meet with the institution’s decision makers in addition to exhibit design, facility, and marketing personnel. Flight Avionics is extensively experienced in all phases of VRT Exhibit project management, and will also consult on design, site location, and other technical matters regarding the exhibit.

Agreement Proposal: After the completion of the site visit, the institution will be presented with an Agreement Proposal that contains the specific terms and design elements as discussed during the site visit.

Acceptance of Agreement: Upon acceptance of an Agreement for the VRT Exhibit, Flight Avionics will schedule an installation date with the institution and begin production. Typical agreement terms provide for the exhibit to be installed and operational no later than 180 days from acceptance of an agreement.

Production Period: During the production period, Flight Avionics will communicate with the exhibit design, facility, promotion or marketing personnel with the institution to ensure the finished exhibit is presented according to the design specifications and theme desired by the institution. Flight Avionics will bring the exhibit 100% complete. There will be no fabricating on site. Everything is completed and set up in our fabrication facilities, then disassembled and packed for shipment and reassembled at your institution. Complete set up time is typically 3-6 days.

We have used the flight simulators from Flight Avionics since we opened in 1998. They have proven to be a very important part of the Hornet Museum experience. From day visitors to live aboard groups to corporate dinners, there is always a line of people waiting to “take a ride”. Our relationship with FANA has truly been a WIN for the USS Hornet Museum.

Ralph JohnsonUSS Hornet Museum

The Lexington Museum has been associated with Flight Avionics of North America for over eighteen years. It has been an extremely beneficial relationship. The simulator is popular with the visitors, is highly reliable, and the people employed to operate it are top notch. Best of all it is a hands off operation from a management perspective. FANA provides all of the operations and maintenance support and Lexington shares in the revenue which over the course of eighteen years has been substantial.

Rocco MontesanoUSS Lexington Museum